Case Study

Provider Portal Modernization Using Cloud

A reputed HealthTech organization offering technology solutions for behavioral and mental healthcare modernizes its Provider Portal Platform and improves user experience.

A leading software vendor modernizes their Provider Portal Platform to enable behavioral and mental health providers to enhance patient care, improve operational efficiency, and achieve seamless interoperability.
Industry & Region: Healthcare, USA
Technology Stack: Azure Cloud, Development Environment: .NET Core, DBMS: Microsoft SQL Server, UI: Figma, Web Development: Razor Pages
Client Overview
The client is a US-based leader in the behavioral and mental health space, endeavoring to meet and exceed healthcare providers’ expectations by offering advanced, feature-rich, and user-friendly technology solutions.
Business Challenge
The client’s provider portal was helping behavioral and mental health providers gain complete visibility into patients’ medical records and deliver personalized care. However, the portal needed a transformation to effectively execute certain tasks, such as onboarding providers, streamlining collaboration among healthcare professionals, and more. Also, the client wanted to make the system more user-friendly and reduce the need for frequent maintenance, which impacted care delivery.
To modernize this legacy Provider Portal, the software vendor was seeking to partner with a technology services company that would bring its extensive experience on board in effectively modernizing their systems.
Solution Offered
The client partnered with KANINI to execute this project. Our first step included analyzing the legacy Provider Portal and creating a well-thought-out modernization plan. We then moved the existing Provider Portal to the cloud, using Microsoft Azure, to make the system flexible, efficient, and scalable.
Furthermore, we leveraged Azure’s suite of security tools to enhance the security and allow effective management of user identity and access on the portal. Additionally, we created batch jobs to automate routine tasks and redesigned the user interface of the system to make it more intuitive and user-friendly.
This modernization of the Provider Portal helped the client to build trust among behavioral and mental health organizations and enabled them to significantly improve the quality of care.
Value Delivered
  • Delivered an immersive user experience and improved the efficiency of healthcare providers.
  • Streamlined onboarding of behavioral and mental health care providers onto the system.
  • Reduced operational costs by implementing automated batch jobs and modernizing the infrastructure.
  • Improved security, flexibility, and scalability of the provider portal.
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Cloud-hosted Provider Portal Modernization