Case Study

Data-driven Decision Making

A US-based digital supply chain solutions company gained data-driven insights to make informed decisions.

A renowned digital supply chain & data analytics solutions company accomplished data-driven decision-making with intuitive dashboards, boosting insights, productivity, and efficiency.
Industry & Region: IT & Manufacturing, USA
Technology Stack:
ERP System: Oracle NetSuite, Data Ingestion and Transformation: Fivetran, DOMO ETL, DBT, Cloud Data Warehouse: Snowflake, Development Environment: PyCharm, Docker, Repository Hosting: GitHub
Client Overview
Our client specializes in creating innovative, end-to-end digital supply chain & data analytics solutions, revolutionizing procurement and delivery for heavy industries. They deliver critical parts and supply chain data to their customers with complete transparency on price, availability, and choice of supplier.
Business Problem
Our client deals with vast amounts of data from various sources, and they were facing challenges in obtaining timely and relevant insights from their diverse data sources. Their existing process flows for data analysis & reporting were inefficient and lacked scalability. They needed a solution that could streamline data ingestion, provide real-time analytics, and enable data-driven decision-making across different departments.
Solution Offered
After analyzing the client’s existing platform, our team of experts at KANINI proposed a comprehensive solution to create interactive dashboards. We constructed a data pipeline and enabled seamless data ingestion, integration, and transformation leveraging a low-code BI platform, DOMO. Its drag-and-drop features enabled the rapid building of Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes.
The solution involved designing DOMO Integrations with external ERP platforms like Oracle NetSuite. Complex data transformations were performed and persisted using Snowflake – a cloud-agnostic Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform. The data transformed and curated from Snowflake was ingested into the DOMO BI platform for further data modeling, specific to different dashboards for Vendor Price trends, Account Management trends, SCM Catalog, etc.
Different dashboards were developed to cater to the client’s diverse needs. Each dashboard provided unique insights into the organization’s procurement, supply chain, and finance domains, empowering the client to identify trends, optimize processes, and make data-driven decisions.
Value Delivered
  • Enabled Faster and Seamless Data Ingestion.
  • Standardized existing workflows.
  • Enhanced the overall performance of dashboards.
  • Identified insights from datasets of different domains.
  • Ensured the solution is extensible to new datasets.
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