EHR - The Evolution and its Impact on Healthcare Delivery

Potential for Improvisation Using Document Intelligence

EHRs collect both structured and unstructured data that can be harnessed to gain valuable patient insights for better care delivery. However, it becomes a challenge for providers to extract and analyze the unstructured patient data that resides in physicians’ notes, medical images, and lab reports.
This unstructured data contains valuable medical information that helps providers uncover any major health issues of the patient, make patient care decisions, and design appropriate treatment plans.

How do Healthcare providers obtain actionable insights from this medical data to deliver patient-centric services across their journeys? ​

Modern-day EHRs powered by AI/ML, have evolved from being disparate parts of a healthcare system where one is used for documenting registration and the other for patient scheduling to an integrated healthcare system that enables a seamless flow of data and streamlined workflows. Such cohesive systems have been empowering healthcare providers to deliver value-based care and better health outcomes.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn from industry experts Rosalyn Beam, Accomplished Healthcare Operations Technologist Leader, and Rakesh Talreja, US Healthcare Markets Head – KANINI about:

  • The evolution and the current state of EHRs
  • The role of AI-powered document intelligence in modernizing EHRs
  • EHR interoperability


Rosalyn M. Beam

Accomplished HealthCare
Operations Technologist Leader

Rakesh Talreja

SVP-US Healthcare
Markets Head