Case Study

Enterprise Platform Modernization

A multi-national professional services company transforms its outdated enterprise platform, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

A leading audit and accounting company enhanced its enterprise platform with a modern UI, added features such as widgets and favorites, and introduced central administration to improve user experience.

Industry & Region: Audit and Financial Services, APAC

Tech Stack & Techniques:
Frontend: JavaScript, jQuery, Kendo UI, HTML, CSS, MVC, Backend: .NET Framework, Web API Database: MS SQL

Client Overview
Our client is a leader in professional services with a massive global footprint, specializing in financial services and audit advisory.

Business Challenge

The client operates a wide range of web applications to facilitate their services and operations. Managing multiple web applications efficiently using their existing enterprise platform posed a few significant challenges:
  1. Outdated UX Design: The existing enterprise platform had an outdated user interface and lacked a modern user experience (UX) design, making it less intuitive and engaging for users.
  2. Limited Functionality: The client required additional functionalities to improve user engagement and administrative control.
To streamline their operations and improve user experience, the client sought to enhance their existing enterprise platform, a central framework responsible for integrating all their web applications.
Solution Offered
KANINI’s experts studied the client’s challenges and worked with them to understand all the requirements. We proposed a comprehensive solution that addressed the client’s needs and future-proofed their enterprise platform.
  • Enhanced User Experience: We leveraged the latest web technologies to overhaul the user interface of the enterprise platform. The goal was to provide a modern, visually appealing, and user-friendly design, ensuring that users could easily navigate and interact with the platform.
  • Added Functionalities: We introduced several key features to enhance the platform’s functionality:
  • Widgets: Users were empowered to customize their dashboards by adding widgets, enabling them to access frequently used tools or information conveniently. This customization allowed for a personalized experience, improving user engagement.
  • Favorites: We implemented the favorites feature, allowing users to mark and access their most-used applications or content with a single click, further streamlining their workflow.
  • Central Administration: To bolster administrative control, we introduced central administration, a comprehensive feature that empowered administrators to efficiently onboard new applications, manage user access, and oversee the entire application ecosystem. This feature significantly simplified the management of the client’s web applications.
Value Delivered
  • Enhanced user dashboard with additional functionalities
  • Implemented central administration for administrative efficiency
  • Increased user engagement
  • Simplified platform navigation
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Enterprise Platform Modernization