How Manufacturers are Transforming Customer Service with Generative AI, IoT, and ServiceNow

In today’s complex business world, manufacturing organizations are facing numerous challenges —from manual processes, shortage of skilled resources, and poor supply chain management to lack of latest technology adoption. To overcome these challenges and deliver a seamless customer experience, implementing modern technology solutions like Generative AI, IoT, and ServiceNow has become a necessity.
The combined power of these technologies helps manufacturers redefine their operations end-to-end. By leveraging ServiceNow and Generative AI, manufacturing companies can extract valuable insights both from the structured and unstructured data gathered by IoT devices. These insights empower organizations to:
  • Improve supply chain operations.
  • Transform the equipment maintenance process.
  • Personalize the customer experience.

Watch the Webinar – Driving Manufacturing Excellence with Modern Technologies

Additionally, these solutions can help manufacturers automate repetitive tasks, solve customer queries faster, and provide meaningful customer recommendations.
Want to learn more? Watch this on-demand webinar where experts from KANINI and ServiceNow discuss:
  • The expectations of customers in the manufacturing sector.
  • How Generative AI, IoT, and ServiceNow together can help connect the front, middle, and back-office operations.
  • How ServiceNow and IoT can transform customer service delivery.
  • How Generative AI and IoT can help with defect identification in the manufacturing process.