Case Study

WinForms Application Modernization

A well-known law firm in the USA transforms its obsolete Windows application into a web app hosted on Azure, enhancing scalability and user experience.

Modernizing a financial law firm’s legacy application with Azure cloud migration and a modular architecture for improved efficiency and user experience.

Industry & Region: Legal, USA
Technology Stack: Frontend: ReactJS, Programming Language: C#, Backend: .NET Core, Cloud: Azure, Database: Azure SQL Database
Client Overview
Our client is a full-service law firm exclusively dedicated to providing the legal and operational needs of the financial sector. They specialize in practice areas such as Foreclosure, Litigation, Bankruptcy, Eviction, Licensing, Regulatory Compliance, and Replevin.
Business Challenge
The client’s operational workflows were hampered by an obsolete Windows application, originally built using WinForms. While efficient in its early years, this hard-coded application had become a hindrance due to its inefficient design and inability to scale with growing business requirements. Furthermore, on-premises hosting led to sluggish performance and frequent downtime, resulting in escalating infrastructure costs. The tightly coupled monolithic structure of the application made even minor updates to it cumbersome, leading to widespread downtimes.
Additionally, the user interface was cluttered and lacked proper navigation. The client needed a comprehensive solution to modernize the application, address these performance and scalability issues, and improve user experience, all while ensuring minimal disruption to their daily operations.
Solution Offered

Upon thorough assessment of the client’s challenges and objectives, KANINI’s expert team devised a comprehensive solution aimed at modernizing the legacy application. The proposed solution is designed to address each pain point of the client effectively:

  • Transition to a Web Application on Azure Cloud
The first step involves the transformation of the legacy desktop application into a web-based platform, hosted on the robust Azure Cloud infrastructure. By migrating to the cloud, the client benefited from offloading the responsibility of infrastructure management, server provisioning, and scaling onto Azure, leading to a significant reduction in infrastructure costs. This shift ensured that the application remains highly available, performs optimally, and is easily accessible from various devices and locations.
  • Rearchitecting Modularity and Scalability
The monolithic structure of the existing application is reimagined through a complete rearchitecting of the app. The new design is built on a modular and service-oriented architecture (SOA), allowing for more granular control over different components of the application. This microservices approach paved the way for scalability, ensuring that the client can effortlessly add new functionalities to meet evolving business requirements without causing disruptions to the entire system. The transition to SOA made the application agile and adaptable.
  • User-focused Frontend Redesign
Addressing the cluttered user interface, the new frontend design prioritized user experience. It offered a clean and intuitive interface, streamlining navigation and organizing tabs based on functionality. The revamped user interface ensured that users could easily access the features and information they needed, enhancing their productivity and satisfaction.
Value Delivered
  • Reduced application downtime and service disruptions.
  • Improved scalability of the application.
  • Lowered infrastructure costs with cloud migration.
  • Enhanced the user experience with modern UI.
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WinForms Application Modernization