KANINI Connect

Modernizing Web Apps & Data with Microsoft Cloud Platforms

An Interactive webinar by KANINI

Modernizing Business Apps & Data with Microsoft Cloud Platforms

February 17
10am CST

Are you truly Cloud Enabled? This 17th of February at 10 AM CST join us as we discuss how web applications and data can be modernized for us to be truly cloud enabled.

Learn how Microsoft cloud platforms like Azure helps modernize applications faster, with Containers, Orchestrators, Serverless and Microservices, while keeping your production codebase ‘clean’. You’ll also learn how to incorporate DevOps throughout your apps lifecycle and take advantage of data-driven intelligence. How to use Azure to create a fully managed platform, with end-to-end security, built-in Monitoring, continuous compliance and CMS migration seamlessly.

We have Raja Narayan from Microsoft, David Greene and Srini Karunakaran from KANINI engaging in a panel discussion to discuss how to use Innovative, cloud first designs and Advanced DevOps for accelerated modernization and the roadmap that Microsoft has for its cloud platform.

What you will learn:

  • Cloud Modernization Strategy – How to cut Cloud Migration time and accelerate Benefits
  • Cloud Operations & Governance – Next Generation Enterprise Cloud Governance Framework
  • Specific aspects of IT governance that are unique to cloud computing value creation
  • Unlocking new possibilities with Cloud Native Transformations
  • Microsoft roadmap for its cloud platforms

All the attendees also stand a chance to win a Cloud strategy Certification course for FREE. Every registration with official email Id stands an opportunity to win a Cloud course of your choice from this list.


Raja Narayan

Enterprise Architect – Microsoft

David Greene

CTO – Kanini


COO – Kanini