The Transformation Office at KANINI – Creating a Happier Place to Work

For close to two decades now, we—the KANINIians—have made it our mission to build a more human, people-first culture both within and outside the organization. How we have been able to grow this far is due to our relentless focus on adding value and caring for everyone we work with through our core values – Integrity, Energy, and Intellect. We know and understand our shared convictions of who we are, and who we need to be for all our stakeholders —Customers, Employees, Industry, Community, and Partners. We wanted every single one of these values to be reflected in not just the way we deliver to our clients but also throughout our talent journey right from talent attraction, and talent enablement to talent management.

KANINI might have been around for a while, but the culture is quite young. You can feel the energy as you step into the office.

Baskar Kuppusamy, Associate Director – IT Application Architecture
4+ years with KANINI

Everyday Learning is in Our DNA

At KANINI, we believe a day spent learning is a day well spent. It isn’t about finding ways to make people stay with us longer, but a simple ideological need to feed an individual’s curiosity to enable them to become problem solvers.
One of the key value propositions of KANINI is to enrich our employees’ career journey by providing them with the opportunity of continuous learning and preparing them to overcome challenges through solutioning. They get a chance to work with the latest technologies to solve business problems.
We have set up a great learning platform – The KANINI Academy – where friendly mentors nurture talent in an innovative and collaborative work environment through a focused career progression plan, thus achieving a sustainable competitive differentiation.

The tech stack was important to me. There’s so much excitement around the certifications I get to do. My personal growth plan even included a planned change in tech after 1 year just like I wanted.

– Arulkumar Periasamy, Manager – IT Application Architecture
8.5+ years with KANINI

A People-first Approach to Business and Our Standing as an Employer

Our clients come to us because they want to have a delivery model that ensures predictable outcomes. Our people come to work because they covet cutting-edge tech as much as they love having a happy work life. And our humble leadership makes it all possible by balancing the demands of the business, with the client’s needs and employee ambitions.

There’s as much trust and understanding among the team, as is with the leadership. There’s no pride, and no need to hide. You can just be yourself.

– Sivakama Sundari, Lead Associate – IT Quality Engineering
5+ years with KANINI

No Bosses Here

We’ve always wanted KANINI to be a place where friends come to work together. And we want to keep it that way. Where people with different skills, and experience levels are treated equally because we value the individual’s pursuit of excellence and their inclination towards a job well done.

It has always been like working with friends to resolve real-world problems. The leadership team cares about each individual, welcomes their creativity, listens to their problems, appreciates their achievements, and leads by example.”

– Vasudevan Periasamy, Senior Manager – IT Application Architecture
14+ years with KANINI

The New Transformation Office - Focused on Employee Empowerment & Experience

In line with our agenda of ensuring KANINI is always a happy place to work for our employees, we have recently set up the Transformation Office that focuses on harnessing the culture of enhancing employee experience (EX) throughout the talent journey. We want to truly empower our employees by fostering a positive work culture, built on trust, ensuring stability and sustainability, while nurturing the skills of problem-solving and thought leadership.

A happy work life and cutting-edge technology. These are what we are proud of empowering our people with. That’s what attracts them to KANINI. That’s why they stay.”

Srinivasan Karunakaran, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Our happy place can be yours too. Come join us to explore your happier way to work, and take your career forward.


Sudha Ganesh

Sudha is an accomplished, results-oriented leader with 20+ years of experience in global delivery management. She executed various strategic transformation initiatives for Fortune 100 Clients, provided value-driven solutions, and developed strategies and governance policies to manage bi-modal IT. Sudha held key roles in delivering large transformation programs across HealthCare, BFSI, and Airline industries.

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