Reflecting on Our Journey Through 2023: Highlights, Achievements, and Future Plans

As we draw the curtains and bid adieu to 2023, we want to reflect on KANINI’s expedition this year. Join us as we revisit everything that shaped our remarkable journey through the past year, reinforcing our position as a forward-thinking & customer-centric technology organization, and what we plan to focus on and accomplish in 2024.

Major Milestones in our 2023 Journey

Embarking on a journey of innovation, growth, and collaboration, KANINI experienced a transformative year in 2023. From expanding our physical presence globally to earning prestigious accolades, forging partnerships, and actively participating in industry events, we’ve had a very eventful year.
  • New Offices, More Places
In 2023, KANINI expanded its footprint both locally and globally. Opening new offices in Bengaluru and Noida, we strengthened our local roots. Simultaneously, the company ventured into the global arena with establishments in Singapore, Dubai, and Colombia, aiming to make its mark on the international tech scene. This expansion is not merely spreading our wings but it’s reflective of our efforts to make KANINI a global brand. We hope to plant our flags in more locations in the years to come!
  • Recognition from CIO Review
A feather in KANINI’s cap came from CIO Review, acknowledging us as one of the top 10 ServiceNow Solution Providers. This recognition highlighted KANINI’s dedication to pushing technological boundaries and offering innovative solutions as a ServiceNow Premier Partner. We are extremely proud that our ServiceNow practice was able to make such a significant impact, and we shall continue to progress further with this boost!
  • Partnering with the Forbes Technology Council
In a strategic move to share our insights and contribute to the tech discourse, KANINI partnered with the Forbes Technology Council. This collaboration allowed us to publish thought leadership content, specifically focusing on the Data Analytics practice. Our Chief Solutions Officer, Anand Sivaraman has started sharing his knowledge and perspectives on industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies. By leveraging this platform, we aimed to contribute valuable insights to the broader tech community and establish ourselves as thought leaders in the dynamic field of data analytics.
  • Roadshows Showcasing Our Thought Leadership in Data Analytics and Generative AI
Trusting our success built on deep domain expertise and in-depth industry experience, KANINI was invited by various client leadership forums to present our thought leadership around Data Analytics and Generative AI in their roadshows. We participated and provided insights on how Data Analytics powered by Generative AI helps organizations across industries achieve better business outcomes and ensure exceptional customer experiences.  These roadshows offered us a platform to connect with industry peers and clients and engage with audiences in various locations throughout the year. Showcasing our capabilities in the Data and AI space helped us foster meaningful partnerships, exchange ideas, and contribute to the collective knowledge within the tech and consulting space.
  • On the Move with ServiceNow: A Dynamic Roadshow
KANINI took to the road once again, this time partnering with ServiceNow for an engaging roadshow. This joint endeavor aimed to bring our ServiceNow Advisory & Consulting Services closer to Healthcare stakeholders. Through interactive sessions, product demonstrations, and informative discussions, we highlighted the value of our ServiceNow capabilities and demonstrated how they align with the evolving needs of healthcare organizations.
  • NASSCOM Events
Our leaders, Sudha Ganesh and Vijayalakshmi Subramaniam actively participated in colloquiums organized by NASSCOM. Sudha spoke at the NASSCOM Women Product Champions roadshow in Chennai. Drawing from the initiatives she drives at KANINI, she shared valuable insights on “Talent Transformation for a Product-Driven Mindset”. Viji moderated a round table on “New-gen Employee Engagement Initiatives that are working”, which was organized by the NASSCOM HR Forum at Coimbatore. These two engagements provided opportunities to share insights, contribute to industry discussions, collaborate with market leaders, and stay abreast of technological advancements.
  • Our Technology Partnerships
2023 was a great year in terms of forging our technology partnerships and reinforcing our market position. Adding to our existing partnerships with ServiceNow and Microsoft, we extended our reach by making new alliances with Databricks, Confluent, WSO2, and Mambu among others. These collaborations underscore our dedication to staying at the forefront of the digital landscape, delivering transformative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in an era of unprecedented change.

Our Commitment to Delivering Value

As we celebrate the milestones and victories of 2023, it’s essential to acknowledge that each triumph, be it expanding our global footprint, earning accolades, or building new partnerships, is a testament to our unwavering dedication to care for and adding value to every facet of our ecosystem. Our dedication extends beyond the realms of mere transactions, encapsulating our customers, employees, investors, partners, industry, and community alike.
We are propelled by the sincere intention to serve our customers better, providing them with unparalleled software services and innovative solutions. Every achievement is a step forward in delivering excellence and reinforcing our promise to accelerate digital transformation.
All this is made possible by the wonderful cohort of our dedicated employees, who play an important role in making sure that KANINI does what it stands for. It is our employees who enable us to nurture a happier way to work!

What's Next for 2024

As KANINI looks ahead to 2024, several transformative initiatives are set to shape the future of the company. Accelerating execution speed is a key focus, to evolve into a more agile business. This strategic move ensures that we can adapt swiftly to market changes and deliver results with unprecedented efficiency.
  • Expanding our Business Horizons
Recognizing the evolving landscape of customer demands, we also place a strong emphasis on offering higher-value services. Consulting & Advisory, Software Architecture & Design, Program/Project Management, and more will be integral components of our service portfolio. This proactive approach ensures that we remain a trusted and forward-thinking IT partner to our clients, providing holistic solutions that go beyond conventional service delivery.
  • Initiatives for Increased Industry Collaboration
Fostering more partnerships and alliances is a critical aspect of our customer-centric strategy. Collaboration with other companies is identified as a key success factor, allowing us to bridge the gap between market demands and our capabilities. By forming strategic alliances, we aim to offer comprehensive solutions that align seamlessly with the dynamic needs of our customers.
We are also going to actively participate in Thought Leadership events across the United States to establish KANINI as a prominent thought leader in technology. We have already started working with Forbes and a few other CXO/leadership networks on this front
  • Our Thought Process for Tomorrow
In line with being agile and adaptable, we will also be maintaining a dual focus — being dedicated to current initiatives while remaining open to adaptation and change. This balanced approach ensures that KANINI stays true to its core competencies while actively seeking opportunities for growth and evolution.
Lastly, we will be investing more in proximity to our customers. This strategic move ensures that KANINI is well-positioned to understand and address the unique needs of our clients, fostering stronger relationships and delivering tailored solutions.
Cheers to a fantastic 2024!

Arunachalam Sundaresan
Arunachalam (Arun) is the Chief Commercial Officer at KANINI, driving the Global Marketing and Demand Generation functions. He has been instrumental in devising new go-to-market strategies and building inside sales, presales, and marketing teams. During his 25+ years of experience, Arun held various leadership roles, handled Fortune 500 clients and mid-enterprise segments across different verticals, and helped organizations foster growth.
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