How ServiceNow SecOps Helps Organizations Transform their IT Security Operations

With the increased utilization of technologies in today’s business world, companies have been able to deliver advanced services to their customers. But along with technological advancements, cyber-attacks have also increased. For instance, imagine what you would have to go through if someone hacked your google account or your computer. Your data will go into someone’s hands, and they might use it to their benefit. And, what happens if the same situation happens with a large organization that is heavily dependent on technology to deliver its products or services to customers? It can cost the company millions of dollars. And conventional cybersecurity approaches are no longer efficient in tackling today’s complex cybersecurity risks and improving IT security operations.

A report by Statista projects that the global cybersecurity market will increase by 9.5% CAGR from $240.27 billion in 2022 to $345.38 billion in 2026.
Therefore, organizations must implement modern solutions to pave their way to IT operations transformation and prevent and manage cyber-attacks efficiently.
Transforming IT Operations for Cyber Security
Without implementing data backup plans, appropriate processes to evaluate IT performance, disaster recovery plans, and so on, companies cannot strengthen their cybersecurity posture. Therefore, transforming IT operations is essential for organizations to drive cyber resilience. Enterprise leaders should prioritize analyzing and understanding the current status of their IT operations and training IT and security teams to expand their capabilities and improve the organization’s cybersecurity measures.
Moreover, IT operations transformation is essential for organizations to satisfy customers and drive new business. Investing in AI, Automation, and Machine Learning (ML) solutions takes organizations’ IT operations to the next level and helps reduce cybersecurity risks efficiently. Companies often experience data breaches and lose their customers because they don’t invest in these solutions.
That said, let us understand how ServiceNow helps improve organizations’ cybersecurity maturity through cloud platforms.

ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps)

Prevent Cyber Attacks and Improve Resilience

ServiceNow helps enterprises transform their business operations through digital workflow solutions and ensures successful IT operations transformation for robust cybersecurity.
ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps), with its array of AI-powered intelligent solutions, enables enterprises to improve their cyber resilience. Its smart solutions help enterprises anticipate, identify, and solve cyber threats proactively by connecting with IT, enabling smooth operations.
Market reports suggest that the AI cyber-security market is expected to surpass $38bn by 2026.
Let’s get a comprehensive understanding of how ServiceNow SecOps helps enterprises in transforming their IT security operations and tackling their cybersecurity threats. Here’re the three critical ways ServiceNow transforms IT Security Operations

3 Critical Ways ServiceNow Transforms IT Security Operations

1. Automates Incident Responses

To ensure effective cybersecurity operations and to reduce the time spent, it is essential to eliminate the manual tasks involved in companies’ security remediation framework. In addition to impacting speed, manual tasks carry a possibility of human error, which should be avoided, especially when the stakes are high. According to an IBM study, human error accounts for 95% of cybersecurity risks.
ServiceNow’s modern solutions bring quality remediation processes and help enterprises solve security incidents effortlessly, without much manual work.
With ServiceNow Security Incident Response, enterprises can reduce the time taken to analyze, prioritize and respond to malware and phishing incidents. Powered by AI-driven automation, it spontaneously identifies and responds to repetitive threats. And in case of unusual and complex security incidents, ServiceNow helps remediate these by automatically assigning the incidents to security and IT teams.
ServiceNow Security Incident Response assists in automating the basic and repetitive security management process, enabling security analysts to focus extensively on responding, understanding, and solving highly critical threats.

2. Manages Application Vulnerabilities Effectively

An enterprise focusing on its IT operations transformation should safeguard its applications from potential vulnerabilities. Application vulnerabilities have become common in the current business scenario. And a good part of these risks is due to the implementation of custom software built on open-source codes. The problem with such software/applications is that attackers can easily crack the codes, making them extremely vulnerable.
By utilizing multiple testing tools – Dynamic Application Static Testing (DAST), Software Composition Analysis (SCA), and Static Application Security Testing (SAST), testing teams can identify vulnerabilities in the applications. But to extract the weak data points of applications from these testing tools and assign them to the development team for remediation or iterations, an appropriate solution is required.
ServiceNow Application Vulnerability Response integrates with application vulnerability scanners, analyzes the results from these testing tools, identifies the vulnerability, and allocates these to relevant development teams to fix the application for secured functionality. Enterprises can fix these problems based on scores that depict the criticality of each vulnerability.
Moreover, when different programming languages are used to develop different applications, it requires enterprises to develop customized remediation procedures for every software and establish effective coordination between development and security teams. With ServiceNow Application Vulnerability Response, enterprises can help their security and IT teams collaborate seamlessly and can get a comprehensive view of the vulnerabilities on a single platform.

3. Provides Advanced Visibility Over Security Incidents

Resolving security threats is one thing but deploying solutions that enable complete visibility across an enterprise’s IT security operations is what is really needed. This is solely because these advanced visualization capabilities help enterprises identify whether their security system has any flaws and the areas of improvement for the remediation process.
ServiceNow SecOps provides solutions for enterprises to get complete visibility into security posture. Enterprises can understand how their security and IT teams are working towards identifying and solving vulnerabilities through a performance analytics dashboard that is integrated with ServiceNow SecOps.
ServiceNow SecOps empower operational teams with real-time visibility into potential vulnerabilities and threats that can hinder the overall system. They can also get a comprehensive understanding of the type of threats and vulnerabilities that are coming their way. Also, stakeholders can get reports on the company’s security systems and make informed IT investment decisions.

The Bottom Line

Cybersecurity risks are a concern for every organization and utilizing legacy solutions to manage these risks causes inefficiencies. Therefore, organizations should implement state-of-the-art technologies to streamline their IT security operations. ServiceNow SecOps helps companies manage cybersecurity risks efficiently and eliminate cybersecurity gaps through modern solutions integrated with AI, ML, and automation capabilities.
KANINI is a certified ServiceNow Premier Partner. Our experts help companies across industries with the efficient implementation of ServiceNow SecOps. Contact us to know more about our ServiceNow SecOps implementation services.

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