How AI-powered Data Analytics Can Redefine Audit Processes: An Intelligent Operating Model

In this age of the big data revolution, most modern enterprises are using intelligent technologies like AI to leverage data far more efficiently and effectively towards process excellence and enhancing business operations.A survey by New Vantage has drawn inferences that 97.2 % of organizations are investing in big data and AI initiatives. One such business […]

How to Build a Robust Data Modernization Strategy Roadmap for Banking & Financial Services

Welcome back to the world of data modernization! In our previous post on data modernization, we discussed the challenges that banks and financial services (BFS) organizations face in this age of big data, the limitations of legacy data systems, and how a well-laid out data modernization strategy roadmap can help the BFS sector overcome these hurdles. In […]

AI-powered ESG Audit Platform: Why is it Essential for Your Business?

Is your business creating long-term value for all stakeholders? Is sustainability at the core of your business operations? Are you running your business in accordance with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards to connect well with the new generation of ‘’socially responsible’’ investors? These are some of the many sustainability-oriented questions that organizations today are […]

Why is AI-Driven Patient Sentiment Analysis important for Healthcare?

  The healthcare industry is a competitive market and healthcare providers today are very well aware that to stay ahead in the game, it is crucial to focus on improving patient care experience and hence it is important to evaluate how the patients truly feel about the care delivery. It’s the age of social media, […]

How AI-Powered Customer Intelligence Matters to Banks & Financial Institutions?

Implementing a customer-centric approach is significant for enterprises to satisfy today’s market and customer expectations, and the Banking & Financial Services sector is no exception. To be customer-centric is to know your customer well. And for this, it is essential to extensively analyze customer data at various banking touchpoints to understand their behaviors and requirements, and thereby […]

5 Benefits of Implementing AI-Powered Recommendation Engines in Healthcare

Healthcare is a very competitive market, and its success revolves around the well-being of its customers (Read: Patients). It is all about striking the right chords with the patients to make them feel more valued through a personalized and enhanced service experience. To achieve this and cater more efficiently to the increasing population of internet-savvy […]

8 Benefits of Using an AI-powered Automated Ticketing System

Business success is highly dependent on how efficiently an enterprise handles its service requests. Users generate support request tickets when they encounter any issues with the product or services rendered by the enterprise. To meet customer/ user expectations promptly and deliver an enhanced service experience, enterprises need to prioritize resolving these issues quickly and efficiently […]

How Can AI Help Protect Your Organization from Cybersecurity Attacks?

Cybersecurity has become a top issue that is being widely discussed in corporate boardrooms today. A cybersecurity attack on an enterprise’s systems and databases can cause a huge revenue loss to the company and put its brand reputation at stake. The average cost per data breach soared from US$3.86 million in 2020 to US$4.24 million […]